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Municipal Risk Atlases

for all Quintana Roo

The Story behind

Experts we contacted to learn the main requirements of a proper urban planning pointed out to us the Risk Atlases.

Municipal Risk Atlases are mandatory for all Municipalities by virtue of the Civil Protection, Climate Change and Human Settlement laws in the three jurisdictions: federal, state and municipal.

These systems are key in the urban planning and would allow the communities to protect wetlands, mangroves, cenotes and underground rivers in Quintana Roo.

Our actions

We conducted several information requests and a complaint before the State Human Rights Commission due to la response obtained from the Municipalities, learning every time more and more about the requirements of these Atlas and its great importance.

Our team now leads workshops to provide information to the communities, is working  on a brochure to educate on the matter and has several lawsuits related to the case in two municipalities.

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